Customizing Your Home

Our dedicated purchasing and design team have assembled an extensive list of options and upgrades that you may select from to customize your new home. The home customization/option selection process is broken down into three stages in order to make the process enjoyable while also ensuring the continued construction progress on your home. We’ve broken down the process in the next section for you, but before we get to that we want to point out a few things for you to keep in mind while you’re customizing your new home.

Homebuilders are faced with the dilemma of balancing flexibility for the buyer with the need to maximize quality control and maintain construction schedules. With a policy that is fair to everyone, schedules can be met, construction errors reduced, and costs kept under control - which is pretty ideal, right? We believe we have achieved that balance with the following policies governing the quantity and type of options available.

Due to cost fluctuations, the prices of our options and upgrades are subject to change prior to placing your order. However, the prices will not be subject to change after you have signed your Options Addendum and your selections have been ordered. Please keep in mind that these prices may be higher if your home has already been started since additional work may be required. Be sure to ask your sales representative about the options available for your specific home just to be sure.

PLEASE NOTE: No changes can be made to the exterior of the home or the color scheme after we have received a building permit for the home.


In order to maintain quality, safety, and control, only those trade contractors specifically under contract with Ryder and covered by our insurance policy are allowed to participate in the construction of your new home. Buyers are not permitted to make any changes or add any wiring, insulation, materials, etc. prior to the close of escrow. In addition, no outside suppliers may be used for any item.

The above guidelines ensure that each buyer receives fair and equal treatment. It is also our way of assuring that the schedule is met so that your new home is started on time and has the best chance to be completed according to our estimates and, most importantly, so you can finally move into your brand new home!

The Option Selection Process

prior to foundation icon

STAGE 1 - Prior to Start of Foundation

The first option-selection stage will consist of any options that will affect the foundation of your new home. These selections are generally made with your Ryder Agent at the same time as your contract signing appointment or within a day or two thereafter.

Selection Examples: Plumbing Options (if the foundation is “slab”), Room Extensions, RV Garages, etc…

prior to framing icon

STAGE 2 - Prior to Framing

The second stage will consist of any options that will have an impact on the framing of your new home. The timing to make your Stage 2 selections will depend on the construction progress of your new home. Generally, you will meet with your Ryder Agent within a week or two after you have signed your purchase contract to make these selections.

Selection Examples: Room Conversions (e.g. selecting a bedroom in lieu of a den), Cabinets, Plumbing Options (if the foundation is “raised”), Electrical Options, Lighting Fixtures and Appliances

prior to drywall icon

STAGE 3 - Prior to Drywall (Design Center)

In the third and final stage, you will have the opportunity to put the finishing touches on your new home with the assistance of our talented Design Center Specialist at the design center. We recommend that have a solid idea of the style and design you want for your home before entering Stage 3 so you do not feel overwhelmed by all the styles, materials, and color options available at the design center meeting. We know it can be a lot to take in, but have fun with it!

Selection Examples: Tile, Flooring, Countertops, and Window Coverings

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Purchasing a Home Under Construction

If you have purchased a home that is already under construction, your sales team will review with you the options that have been selected to that point.

If the options have not yet been ordered or installed, you may have the opportunity to re-select new options without incurring a fee. Depending on the construction stage of the home you have decided to purchase, you may also be able to make selections in addition to what has already been selected. Talk to your sales team for more information.

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Late Option Selection/Canceled Options

In many cases our construction team is not able to make modifications after any stage’s deadline date has passed, but in the event we are able to accommodate your late option selection, it will be subject to a non-refundable $250.00 Processing & Delay Fee, per option. If any homebuyer elects to cancel an option that was previously chosen and paid a deposit for, there will be a $150.00 Cancellation Fee and possibly a Restocking Fee (if applicable).

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Home Buyer Responsibilities

Selecting and customizing your new home is one of the most exciting and fun aspects of the new home purchase process, but it can also be difficult to make lasting decisions about home customizations. We recommend that you spend some time at the model homes and educate yourself on the options available in order to be prepared for your option selection and design center meetings. For instance, it is strongly suggested you plan your furniture placement and electrical needs before Stage 2.

A 50% deposit is required for each option selection, so please remember to bring your checkbook as your selections will not be processed until your deposit is received. All option deposits are paid directly to Ryder Homes and will be applied to the down payment of your home at the close of escrow. Please consult your lender for more information, and refer to your Purchase Agreement to review your cutoff dates for each selection stage.