Northern Nevada Landscape



From land acquisition to the homeowner’s move-in, we put experienced professionals to work at every level of residential planning, construction, marketing, and sales. Their combined efforts result in our ability to deliver communities that feature an attractive, profitable, and high-quality product. Just like the homes we build, Ryder Homes stands on a solid foundation.

When Ned K. Ryder founded the company in 1959, he knew that success would come with strong, personalized leadership. That’s why he put his name on the door and that’s why he remains actively involved in the company’s operations.

Today, we’re lead by Jay Ryder and recognized as one of the nation’s top 200 building firms, yet we concentrate our efforts entirely in the Western United States. From the sun-bathed deserts to the snow-capped mountains, Ryder Homes has become part of the landscape. We’ve created residential communities in over 20 counties in California and Nevada. In order to monitor this widespread growth effectively, we operate out of regional corporate offices in Walnut Creek, CA and Reno, NV.

Over the years, Ryder Homes has developed a rich assortment of residential communities, ranging from enclaves of custom homes to multi-product projects located on hundreds of acres of land. We have also built a large number of condominiums and townhomes and continue to own and operate apartment communities. No matter what the product, our efforts are focused on creating highly appealing homes.