Your Ryder Homes Team

warranty reps

Warranty Representative

You obviously deserve the best of the best for your home, and we are committed to building every home using the highest quality materials and workmanship.

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Project Manager

Your Project Manager’s (PM) job is to ensure that your new home is built according to the Uniform Building Code and State and City specifications & codes. Of course, we always want to go one step further to meet all of your expectations.

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Sales Team

The Sales Team will be your main point of contact throughout your home buying experience. We at Ryder Homes take great pride in the Sales Agents who represent us.

Third Parties Involved

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Whether you decide to use our Preferred Lender or not, it’s your lender’s responsibility to ensure you’re fully approved for a loan that you are comfortable with within the first thirty (30) days from your Contract Date.

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Home Insurance Provider

Your insurance agent will not play a major role, but they are still worth mentioning as your lender will require that you obtain a Homeowner Insurance Policy covering your new home.

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Title Company Escrow Officer

The title company is responsible for producing both the Owner’s and Lender’s Title Policy, which ensures that you retain full and legal ownership of your home after your deed is recorded.